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Non-Denominational Weddings
Pastor Ron-Wedding Officiant

Depending on your can choose from many different options as listed on the Pricing Page. 

 My ideas about weddings are that they should tastefully reflect the style of the couple getting married.  Outdoor locations are welcomed. 

About 90% of my couples do select the semi-custom ENHANCED (medium) package option. 

 If you desire a higher level of resources and control of the process they you'll feel confident knowing that the "Premier" planning packet (20 pages) will guide you through your entire ceremony with ease with 10+ pages of ceremony details plus 12+ pages of vows and readings options.

For Ultimate and Premier packages, I'll design a complete, personalized script (based on your info) usually 8-12 pages, and send it to you for your review and editing.

 Most of my Enhanced services run 20-25 minutes while "Premier" services tend to be a bit longer as couples usually incorporate additional, special moments in their custom ceremony.

I find that guests begin to lose interest once the service reaches the 35 minute mark.  For outside ceremonies, weather conditions also play a role in the attention span of the guests. 



 Welcome from Pastor Ron (non-denominational minister)

 As an ordained pastor with a Masters degree from Seminary (1993), I have had the privilege to unite 400+ couples. 

Traditional, Casual, Theme-based are all OK as long as God is honored and Biblical principles are not asked to be compromised.

For me, I specialize in helping couples who are not yet plugged into a local church or who are from out-of-town and need some specialized assistance with their ceremony.

Many couples ask me to help create a service that incorporates special elements like: Unity Moments (Sand Pouring, Candle Lighting, Wine Sharing), Special Music, Scripture Readings, Tributes to Loved ones, Personalized Vows, etc.

 Most of my services occur at "non-church" locations like: chapels, outdoors, sporting venues (Lambeau Field or Botanical Gardens), parks, halls, hotels or homes. 

 Sometimes when the couple can't decide on Lutheran or Catholic, for example, then hiring a neutral,third-party officiant is a good compromise.

For our Catholic friends, you may want to look into having your marriage "blessed" by a priest/deacon later honor the traditions of your local parish.



If you have had a bad experience with "religious people" or with a church that seemed outdated and disconnected then a
llow me to help.

 I'll work with you to design a service that addresses your concerns yet allows God room to be a part of your wedding day.

Pre-marital counseling is NOT required.  However, it is highly recommended and I'd be happy to submit some ideas if you wanted to pursue relationship building tools either through me or other marriage-focused organizations.

 Let's discuss your ideas and plans together.

My 4 adoptedĀ girls (3 from Africa, 1 from a Rescue)
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