Pastor Ron
Non-Denominational Weddings
When looking at hiring an Officiant / Minister you need to look at the 4 P's. 
Personality, Planning, Performance and Price. 

Do you "click" with the person?  Are you impressed with the manner in which your ceremony is going to be planned?  Do you have confidence that they will perform the ceremony well and handle all of the details with confidence?  If you have answered "YES" to the above three have found the Officiant / Pastor for your ceremony.

YES, price is important. That is why we have struck a balance in providing quality services for a responsible fee.

ENHANCED:  (medium)                                   $345
PREMIER: (full custom)                                     $475
REHEARSALS (if needed-)                              $175 

Additional Sound Equipment for $100
large or irregular sites.
Some venues may need a pro DJ.
(My equipment:  BOSE compact L1, FISHMAN sa220, SHURE microphones)

  iPOD music that runs thru my equipment- $75
  using remote control-or Bluetooth.
  We can design the playlist together.

Vows & Rings ONLY- (very basic)        

Under 10 guests $160;     10-50 guests $210, 
50+ guests $250 (basic sound system included) 

Pre-Marital Counseling (optional)           $175

Travel (see below)    

All weddings need two witnesses over 18 years old. 

ENHANCED:   90% select this option.  A wonderful "semi-custom" service. Can still include options like: Unity Candle / Sand Ceremony, Soloist, Readers.  5 vows to choose from or write your own.  No editing or approval.   Sound Package included: 1 speaker / 1 microphone or plug into the DJ or House system.  Great for 2nd marriages or tight budgets.  Can book 12 months out or less from date.  Adding the iPod music option with remote control is available.  Usually about 20-25 minutes long.  Full payment down required.

PREMIER:  A "Perfect for YOU", Full Custom / Designer ceremony.  Utilizes my 20+ page planning system with 12 pages of vows & readings ideas.  Full written script based on your ideas/desires that the couple edits & approves.   Basic sound system: 1 speaker / 1 microphone or plug my microphones into the DJ or House system.  Can book 18 months or less out from date.  Adding the iPod option is available. 20-35 minutes is normal for what most couples desire.  Half payment down of total saves time/date.

REHEARSAL:  Some venues offer this service as part of their fee.  However, if having everyone TOTALLY COMFORTABLE with what will take place on your special day is important to you then purchase a rehearsal.  Otherwise, those who have PREMIER services already have a completed script to work from and I'd be happy to give FREE tips and suggestions as to how you can conduct your own walk through so you can save money.



ULTIMATE & PREMIER packages require a 50% deposit of the total amount purchased including total ROUNDTRIP mileage (if applicable).

ENHANCED and  VOWS & RINGS require
full payment in advance to include total ROUNDTRIP mileage ( if applicable).  

Personal checks, Certified Checks, Money Orders,  and Cash are all acceptable forms.  I am NOT currently set-up to take credit cards.

ROUNDTRIP (To and From) MILEAGE: Factors in time and travel costs. Using

0-25 FREE
26-50  $40
51-75  $70
+ 75  @ .95/mile 

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